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Surviving Canada Art Print

Surviving Canada Art Print

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This black-and-white graphic print is a powerful testament to the Indigenous experience living on a colonized Turtle Island.

Featuring layers upon layers of systemic problems and social issues, this print illustrates the literal weight of oppression on Indigenous people today. Framed by issues such as Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, attention is also drawn to the underlying legislation such as the Indian Act that perpetuates the systemic issues we see facing the Indigenous community.

Falling under the “truth” section of Truth and Reconciliation, show your awareness of these issues with this impactful print. It is incredibly important we recognize the harmful impacts of these issues, and how intrinsically tied they are so that we can address them moving forward.


This is an original Eagle Woman Prints art print.

It is printed on premium 100-lb colour laser cardstock.

The size is A4 cardstock – 8.5”x11” (the standard size of your at-home printer paper)

You can choose whether you would like to purchase the framed print, or unframed print!


Please reach out if you have any questions or require assistance.

Miigwetch for your purchase <3

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