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Smudging Protocol Art Print Set

Smudging Protocol Art Print Set

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Why do we smudge? What is the significance of burning medicine? How do you smudge correctly?

With our Smudging Protocols, find a minimal cohesive set of art prints that illustrate the 6 Steps of Smudging.

Smudging is used to purify - we use the smoke from burning medicines to cleanse ourselves and our spaces. The smoke carries upwards to Creator, who hears our prayers when we smudge. We always think good thoughts while we're smudging. The most common medicine used to smudge is sage. Smudging consists of medicine, a bowl or shell to place the medicine in, and an Eagle feather. 

Honour the process of smudging in your space today. Perfect for educators, non-profits, and people wishing to include Indigenous ceremony in their spaces.

All 6 art prints come in 8.5x11 inches unframed. 

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