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Seven Grandfather Teachings Art Print

Seven Grandfather Teachings Art Print

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The design that started it all!

This art print is very important to us here at EWP. It was the first design we created, frustrated by a lack of Indigenous representation in modern, minimalist art. The 7 Sacred Teachings are powerful reminders that our ancestors have passed down to us. If we live by their wisdom and follow these teachings, we will be walking in a good way. Each teaching is represented by an animal because there are Indigenous stories tied to each teaching. For example, the wolf represents humility because he will bow his head to us if we meet him in the bush. It shows us to be respectful and humble at all times. The eagle represents love because he flies the highest in the sky, so he is closest to Creator. He brings down Creator's love for us as he is the winged messenger. These teachings are best shared by an Elder in the community, as storytelling is a sacred part of Indigenous traditions. 

The 7 Teachings can be followed by anyone - they provide us with a positive framework with which we can move through life. Framed in an office, posted on a bulletin board, or hanging in your home, these teachings speak to everyone - regardless of your identity.


This is an original Eagle Woman Prints art print.

It is printed on premium 100-lb colour laser cardstock.

The size is A4 cardstock – 8.5”x11” (the standard size of your at-home printer paper)

You can choose whether you would like to purchase the framed print, or unframed print!

Please reach out if you have any questions or require assistance.

Miigwetch for your purchase <3


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