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Gratitude Art Print

Gratitude Art Print

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Honour the Indigenous languages of Manitoba in one powerful art print.

This print was created in collaboration with Anishinaabe Drummer and Singer Cory Campbell and Catherine Robbins of the University of Manitoba Concert Choir.

Gratitude is inspired directly from the song gifted by Campbell to the Manitoba Choral Association, and this print serves as a visual representation of this gift created by Eagle Woman Prints founder, Jenna Valiquette.

Read on to hear more about the inspiration behind the piece, the importance of gratitude, and the impact of including Indigenous representation in music.

Now available in 3 sizes: 8x10 framed, 8.5x11 unframed and 16x20.

To learn more about the Gratitude song project and hear the song itself, click the link here (or search )

Miigwetch <3

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