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Creator's Four Sacred Medicine - Indigenous Art Print

Creator's Four Sacred Medicine - Indigenous Art Print

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Celebrate the four sacred medicines with this notebook-with-pressed-flowers inspired print! As a young and curious (read: only child), I had plenty of notebooks filled with drawings and notes about the world around me. This print features a neutral textured beige background, with vibrant plants framing the medicines: tobacco, sage, sweetgrass, and cedar.

Tobacco is the first medicine. We offer tobacco to show our gratitude, and to open communication with Creator in a respectful way.

Sage serves as a purification medicine. It allows us to cleanse ourselves of bad energy and thoughts, and move forward in a good way.

Sweetgrass was given to us as a form of healing. Often viewed as Grandmother Earth’s hair, it is often braided and dried.

Cedar protects us. We often harvest cedar and use it hung above our doorway, for example, to ensure we are safe and protected from harm.

Celebrate the medicines with this beautiful floral art print - it is an important aspect of Indigenous worldview.


This is an original Eagle Woman Prints art print.

It is printed on premium 100-lb colour laser cardstock.

The size is A4 cardstock – 8.5”x11” (the standard size of your at-home printer paper)

You can choose whether you would like to purchase the framed print, or unframed print!

Framing is an additional $5 per print.

We offer FREE delivery within the Winnipeg area, with a minimum purchase of $20.

If you prefer to have your artwork delivered, please add to cart and the shipping prices will be calculated for you.

All rights reserved. Not for commercial use/resale.

Please reach out if you have any questions or require assistance!

Miigwetch for your purchase <3

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