November thoughts -

November thoughts -


As the snow lightly falls outside of our windows, I can't help but feel a bit melancholy this time of year.

The winter is a reminder that yet another year is coming to a close, and this period of rest gives us a moment to contemplate what we have accomplished the past 12 months. 

In the teachings I have received from the medicine wheel, white is the colour associated with winter - very on the nose, I know. But another factor associated with winter is the medicine cedar, which is for protection. Cedar can be hung above doorways to serve as a protection from bad energy, or placed in your shoes as you walk. 

The medicine wheel also teaches us that winter is associated with mental wellness. Many people suffer from seasonal depression, and have a hard time finding their way throughout the holiday season. While the upcoming holidays may symbolize family and excitement for some people, it can be a bitter pill to swallow when you have no one to celebrate with, or have lost someone close to you.

I think it's important that we find ways to give back to the community during the winter months. Volunteering at a food bank, attending a sweat or ceremony, or donating winter gear (especially up here in Canada) can be a positive way to help out our relations. 

Above all else, take care of yourself. One of my favourite sayings is "you cannot pour from an empty cup". Self-care is key, both physically and mentally. Or, as one of our prints states, "Self-care is Good Medicine", which I truly believe. Put on a moisturizing face mask, drink some mushkiki tea, throw on your fave Netflix show, or burn off some steam in the gym. Whatever works for you, do it! It's important that we look after our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health this winter season. 

Miigwetch for reading <3 

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