Boozhoo from Leading Eagle Woman!

Boozhoo from Leading Eagle Woman!

Hi friends! 

Boozhoo nindinawemaginidog.

Niiganii migizikwe nindigoo.

Makwa nindoodem.

Azaadiwiziibing nindoonji.

Anishinaabe-Ojibwe nindaaw.

Jenna Valiquette nindizhinakaaz.

Welcome to the first of many blog posts on this site! I'm so excited to be starting this small business and sharing my art with you.

A little about me: 

My name is Leading Eagle Woman, and my English name is Jenna. I am Bear Clan and a member of Poplar River First Nation in Treaty 5 Territory. I currently live and work in Treaty 1 Territory as an Indigenous Youth Facilitator at a non-profit. I am so passionate about Indigenous resurgence and reconciliation in this nation. I've spent a lot of my life "walking in two worlds" as an Native woman - focused on living within a colonial society while also embracing and honouring my Indigenous routes. 

I think reconciliation efforts are very important and we should all take steps in our daily lives to recognize and support Indigenous people and their history - the real history.

xx Jenna 

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